Selected Clips


How Houston Has Virtually Ended Homelessness Among Veterans
CityLab; February 7, 2019

Why D.C.’s Housing Vouchers Are Working Better Than Those in Other Cities
Pacific Standard; December 19, 2018

Where are All the Images of Working Pregnant Women?
Slate; September 20, 2018

Why Are So Many Parents Picking Their Baby’s Sex?
Dame Magazine; August 16, 2018

When Men Sue Women Empowerment Orgs for Gender Discrimination
Slate; July 3, 2018

Housing Mobility Programs and Health Outcomes
Health Affairs; June 7, 2018 

The National Fight for Paid Leave Has Moved to the State Houses
Slate; May 2, 2018

The Best Convertible Car Seats
Wirecutter; March 16, 2018

Drinking With Coworkers: Rethinking Drinking at Work
Slate; February 27, 2018

Paid Family Leave Finds an Unlikely Ally: Investors
Slate; February 21, 2018

Where Is the Toughest Place to Report Sexual Harassment? It Might Be Capitol Hill.
Slate; November 2, 2017

How the Women of Amazon Fought for -- and Won -- a Revolutionary Family Leave Policy
Slate; October 10, 2017

The Best Infant Car Seat
The Wirecutter; August 21, 2017

Advance Care Planning With Alzheimer's: A Tortuous Path (Available as PDF)
Health Affairs; July 2017

Get That Life: How I Started My Own Nonprofit
Cosmopolitan; July 10, 2017

How paid leave policies can negatively affect LGBTQ families
Washington Post; June 12, 2017

What happens when you’re laid off while pregnant
Washington Post; May 23, 2017
In February of 2013, I was expecting my first child. I hadn’t told anyone at work. I worked in a newsroom, and while the other reporters were relatively young, few were working moms. Then we learned layoffs were coming.

Your child is sick and the doctor’s office is closed. What do you do?
Washington Post; April 25, 2017

Starbucks Employees Speak Out: Why Don't Baristas Get the Same Maternity Leave as Corporate Workers?
Marie Claire; April 10, 2017
Paid parental leave for Starbucks employees boils down to one question: Do you wear an apron? 

If Trump is serious about jobs, he shouldn't destroy the Labor Department's Women's Bureau
Mic; March 18, 2017

Trump's Proposed Family Leave Policy Now Reportedly for the Whole Family
Marie Claire; March 13, 2017

What “Lucky” Looks Like: A Patchwork Childcare Arrangement
New America Weekly; February 2, 2017

Postpartum Depression Can Impact a Partner’s Well-Being, Too
Washington Post; March 9, 2016

Congresswoman Left for Dead at Jonestown Recalls the Massacre, 37 Years Later
Roll Call; November 18, 2015

The Other Backroom: Breast-Feeding on Capitol Hill
Roll Call; February 2, 2014